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Rocketoons are designed to get kids talking about stressors that can interfere with their learning, their health, and their safety. Rocketoons help teachers and caregivers rescue childhood by building cartooniverses that allow kids to open up about what they need to be the healthy, happy people we so desperately need them to be.

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Watch this episode to see how easy and fun it can be to start a Cartoonversation™!

This is Episode 4 of Rocketoons - Snail’s Pace. It’s an animated video designed to get kids thinking and talking about social media.

Each Rocketoons episode includes the cartoon and a Cartoonversation™ Card with the following:

  • Information about the characters to help you dig deeper into the story
  • Facts and resources to learn more about the subject matter
  • Cartoonversation™ Starters to get kids thinking and talking about the topic

Why we made Rocketoons

As a former teacher and current educational consultant, Tim Wheeler has been involved in many classrooms, creating projects for students and getting a small taste of what teachers everywhere across the United States encounter every day: Students under stress, acting out, missing school, and hurting.

During the development of Rocketoons Episode Three, a colleague of Tim’s shared the landmark ACEs study conducted by Kaiser-Permanente. The study looked at Adverse Childhood Experiences – ACEs – and tracked their effects on health and wellbeing into adulthood. The results are startling, to say the least.

The dire health consequences of stress was news to Tim, but the study reinforced the key simple question that Tim has used to build Rocketoons: Who is talking to the kids, and, more importantly, who is listening to the kids? “If we can open the door with humor and compassion,” says Tim, “the kids will share everything so we can, in turn, do everything to help them.”

It had always been Tim’s dream to make cartoons, and his strong belief in the power of childhood helped him create a series that does more than entertain:

  • appeal to kids of every race, socioeconomic level, and background
  • use humor to help kids open up and share their struggles
  • cover a multitude of issues that far too many kids face every day
  • open the doors of communication that allow kids to show us how they’re hurting and what they need to be happy and healthy
  • Totally FREE for every kid in the United States and Canada (and hopefully more to come)

Now, 15 episodes later, we need to spread the word about Rocketoons.

  • Rocketoons help teachers identify issues in their classrooms
  • Rocketoons can supplement important social emotional learning lessons
  • Rocketoons help caregivers identify kids in need so they can be connected to the available intervention resources

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What are Rocketoons?

  1. Rocketoons are cartoon-based conversation kits designed to give teachers maximum instructional flexibility with minimal interference from time-consuming preparation.
  2. Rocketoons are pedagogically sound primers for facilitating important discussions in the 21st century classroom.
  3. Rocketoons are developed by teachers and counselors, and they are used by teachers and counselors – in the classroom, in one on one sessions, or wherever there is a need to share cogent information and stimulate meaningful conversation.
  4. If you have four or five minutes, you can use Rocketoons with your kids.
  5. If you want/need to develop an in-depth module on bullying, divorce, social media, or a variety of other timely topics that cause stress and disruption in the lives of your students, you can use Rocketoons.
  6. If you want to make a point, share a laugh, or both, you can use Rocketoons.
  7. From one kid to the next, from one teacher to the next, different Rocketoons mean different things. In the hands of caring and qualified teachers, that’s the way it should be. Nobody knows your kids like you do. Hopefully Rocketoons can be exactly what you need them to be, so you can be exactly what your students need you to be.


Rocketoons are...

Available 24/7 online, for free, for anyone

Visit, enter your county and state, choose a cartoon, and click play

Start Cartoonversations™ with kids on everything from truancy, to bullying, to the death of a loved one

Use the Cartoonversation™ Card to initiate discussion and learn more about the topic - and about the kids

Use Rocketoons to deal with specific issues in groups, one-on-one, or to supplement other Social Emotional Learning lessons

Meet several state standards requirements using our provided guides for grades 1-12

Teachers, counselors, parents, everyone loves Rocketoons

"Rocketoons allows students and staff to discuss important growing up issues at a level that kids can understand. These learning “toons” will help lead to a safe and secure learning environment."

DJ Hilson
Muskegon County Prosecutor


"Rocketoons provide a safe, kid-friendly approach to discussing important conversations about stressors (such as activity overload, and bullying) in our students' lives. Research has shown that using cartoons enhances children's participation and ability to process information. Rocketoons provide a brief, light-hearted approach, that is linked to the common core, and include follow-up discussion points that allow teachers to launch these important conversations."

Nancy Jaskiw MA, S.Psy.S.
School Psychologist
North Service Unit


"I have used Rocketoons in my classroom for two years now. I feel that the cartoons help bridge the gap between students and adults to talk about the tough topics such as moving to a new school and bullying. It's like an icebreaker that allows teachers to really discuss these topics and change negative thoughts and behaviors into positives!"

Shari Krukowski
4th Grade Instructor
Reeths-Puffer Elementary


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Each Rocketoons cartoon comes with a Cartoonversation™ Card to help kids share their feelings, and to help adults intervene.

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