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“I have seen first hand the impact Rocketoons makes in helping kids learn, express and understand the big issues in life. Rocketoons breaks the barriers adults often face when trying to open discussions about topics such as; bullying and mental health. The episodes are fun and easy to apply to any learning environment, whether at school or home. Our partnership with Tim Wheeler and Rocketoons is one I look forward to nurturing for many years. ”

Stephanie Kohler
Lory's Place


“Kids are a huge part of our services and programs at Hackley Community Care (HCC), our Teen Health Centers, and school hub sites. Rocketoons is a natural fit for our behavioral health counselors because they make a great conversation starter.
This unique, out-of- the-box concept of Rocketoons, is exactly what HCC is about. Together, we are creating healthy solutions that contribute to healthy students, families and communities.”

Alexis Dye
Communications & Development Manager
Hackley Community Care


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